Top 10 Low Maintenance Pets For Kids

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Taking care of a pet is not that easy, particularly for kids as it includes giving them regular attention, care, and support. But, it doesn’t mean that you can’t have a pet.

Between work and family responsibilities, today’s parents are more involved than ever. You understand the importance pets have for kids, but you don’t have the time right now.

Fortunately, there are several low maintenance pets for kids that don’t need much work, can teach your children responsibility, and give them a perfect companion.


A girl with Dog

Domesticated dogs make perfect pets and therefore a popular choice among pet lovers. There is a wide variety of breeds to explore. Always consider dog breeds that are both kid-friendly and socialize easily.

Some of the breeds that are popular to be excellent companions for kids are Labradors, Golden Retrievers, Beagles, Poodle, and Pomeranians.

Things that will assist you to minimize how much maintenance a dog needs, information about different dog breeds and temparaments, how much training and area they will require can be found on , you can also find the best dog accesories such as dogs diapers, wireless fences, shampoo,etc.


Dogs are recognized to turn the environment happy and ease the mood.

Dogs are usually receptive to their owner’s or kid’s moods. They can often bring support when a child is depressed or anxious.

Playing with them needs moving around the house that can keep your child engaged.

They are known to stay true to their owner.


Dogs need training that requires notable time and effort.

They assure proper attention and care from their owner. If you leave a family dog solely, they start feeling alone.

Routine visits to the veterinarian are essential for immunizations to maintain their well-being.

They might attack unintentionally, particularly when irritated.

Few dogs, such as Akita (a guard dog), tend to become destructive when teased. Thus, they must not be taken into consideration as pets in families with young children.


A boy watching Fishes

Fishes and aquarium at residence is believably the most pleasant experience for any home, Fish as pets are not just exciting but also important in bringing joy and laugh to kids all-time they fish swimming.

Choose the most long-lasting and easy fishes, to start with, and keep a note on how to feed and keep them secure. their lifespan is around 10-15 years on average.

Goldfish are one of the most favored fish for aquarium owners and are one of the best low maintenance pets for kids. You can get them at any local pet shop for a reasonable price.

All you require is a small container or fishbowl to get started, keep their water fresh and clean by changing it regularly or you can also add a water filter and feed them fish food daily.

3.Tortoise and Turtles

Kid with a Tortoise or Turtle

Tortoise and turtles are tame animals and they are absolutely mesmerizing to observe. They are easily fed with greens at home or in the backyard and don’t require any maintenance in terms of bathing or brushing.

Quiet, attractive, and simple to clean up after – tortoises are low-maintenance pets for kids.

They demand a wide variety of food, with appropriate attention paid to the quantity of roughage they consume.

They are less agile and more enjoyable for kids. Your kids can get to know more about nature and life sciences by having a turtle as a pet. Besides, their lifespan is very long.


Cat and a kid boy

Yes, you understood this was about to happen. After exploring with all varieties of pets, every family has to get a cat ultimately.

We preferred cats because they don’t require walking, bathing, or excessive grooming like a Poodle would, for instance.

Just buy a short-haired cat, give her all your affection and love and, if you have a camera nearby, you can shoot a bunch of cutesy homemade videos.

Plus, your kids will enjoy playing with it, just ensure to get it checked out regularly to avoid parasitoids and diseases.


Usually, cats play with themselves. Their hunting ability makes it more natural to play many games with them.

Their mischievous ways can keep your child involved by keeping the mood happy.

Comparatively, most cat breeds need less attention and time than dogs.


The greatest disadvantage of having cats is their moody and defensive behavior. When in heat, they might hurt or attack.

They tend to develop allergies more quickly than dogs.

Their free nature can cause them to walk away. They do not prefer to stay in 1 place for a long time.


Bird with girl

If only a single bird is brought into the home, the bird will need more attention and care – at least an hour or two of everyday interaction.

Small birds, such as parakeets and budgies, make excellent pets for more adult children who know how to touch and pat gently. In pairs, the birds won’t demand as much care from the family.

Generally limited to their pens, they don’t make much mess, but, their papers should be switched once a day and their pens should be fully cleaned weekly.


Rabbits and a girl

Rabbits make perfect pets for kids. They need a little extra than some of the pets listed earlier. however, they are smaller and low maintenance than the rest.

Rabbits want a clean pen with soft grass or bedding stuff. There should also be a separate part with food and a waterer.

Rabbits eat uncooked greens such as spinach, beans, and of course CARROTS!

Note: Never feed rabbit lettuce as it’s not safe for them, even though they love it.


A girl showing her Hamster (pet)

Hamsters are the most popular first pet for children. Living to around two-three years, they’re other small creatures that are a great way to introduce caring for pets into your kid’s lives.

With several mixed breeds, it’s best to go to an authorized supplier to make sure you know precisely what you’re purchasing.

Some breeds are extremely friendly, but others favor living alone. Besides water and food, hamsters require lots of bedding and nesting stuff.

On top of that, they need careful treatment as they are very sensitive, and are also night-loving so that must be beared in mind.


They are reasonable and affordable. But, that depends on the varieties that you choose.

Some hamsters are friendly, while some are not. But, in common, hamsters demand comparatively less concentration than dogs and cats.

They do not need any experienced training as they often stay in their cage and prefer to play with stuff like chew, hammock, or igloo.

They do not require a huge living place because of their small size.


Hamsters usually nap during the day, and if awakened abruptly, they may attack. Thus, decent care is needed if you have young kids at home who could taunt a hamster.

Children under eight years are advised to tend to hamsters under parental guidance.

A combination of hamsters can be a mess as they might attack and cause damages to each other.


Two girls and Chickens

Chic can be very noisy and still more pleasing than some other low-cost pets for kids. Having a chicken is allowed at your home, and you can save on eggs if they give enough each day.

Chickens are very very cheap and their food is also inexpensive. Too easy to maintain and less pricey an option too.

9.Guinea Pigs

Guinea Pig with a boy

If you’re looking for an adorable and cuddly pet, then guinea pigs may be the right one for you.

Guinea pigs are pretty low maintenance pets and a popular among kids. Guinea Pigs have a lifespan of around 5-8 years on average.

They are social creatures that require only the basics such as a pen to live in, water, food, bedding, and hay to chew on. They like human interaction and may even purr like cats when touched.


Two Mice are eating something

Similar to hamsters, mice are also low-maintenance, cost-effective, and broadly available. They do great on their own but are stabler with at least 1 other mouse.

Additionally like hamsters, they require so little things like a way to get water and food, and something to play with are requirements.

The only thing your child will require to do regularly to give food and water, clean out the waterer and feeder, and replace the bedding stuff when it gets dirty. It’s as easy as that!

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